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A Stunt Coordinator's first responsibility is safety. The ability to be creative, as well as safe, is often a lost art. Our award-winning stunt coordinators and stunt people strive to excel in the ability to deliver the safest and most creative action possible, all within the proper budget requirements.

When we have projects in Northern California, we work with the most experienced stunt organization in the Nor Cal area, the SF Stunt Association (www.sfstunts.com) but also pull from the other top professionals who work local in San Francisco.

Our connections in Los Angeles and on the East Coast give us the ability to work with the best available people when filming on location, or bring these talented stuntmen and women to the Bay Area on local projects as well.

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Feel free to call for further information, personnel availability and a budget estimate for your project, or email us directly at rcpstunts@gmail.com.


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You can find more reels at the stunt reel page on Rocky's website at www.rockycapella.com, or on the San Francisco Stunt Association website at www.sfstunts.com.

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