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RCP Performance Drivers expertly intertwine safety, precision and performance throughout their commercials, car shows and film projects.

Working together as a cohesive group on everything from 2 vehicles to a freeway full of dozens of drivers, our drivers are some of the top professional drivers in the industry.

Our drivers know that as a team, the idea behind performance driving is to make the vehicle look good. They realize that bringing a professional attitude, a great work ethic and an easy-going personality to work cohesively with crew and production alike is just as important as their talented driving abilities.

We have a core group of drivers and coordinators who have worked together for over a dozen years on films, TV shows, commercials and auto press events and dealer shows. Plus, we have the ability and reputation to supply a unique choice of demographics from all of the top men and women drivers and stunt people in the business for the client.

We don't limit the client on just the use of our main drivers and have an extensive list of professional performance-stunt drivers available throughout the industry. We will get you the best driver and/or double based on your specific requirements for age, ethnicity and demographics for your project.

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Feel free to call for more information, availability and a bid for your project with RCP Performance Drivers, or email us directly at rcpprodrivers@gmail.com.


To Our Stunt People and Drivers

Thanks to our main drivers and stunt people in the RCP Reels, including: Robin Bonaccorsi, Chris Nielsen, Danny Downey, Jen Caputo, Mike Martinez, Rex Reddick, Mike Owen, Kevin Bailey, Michelle Sebek Cristie, Lisa Dempsey, Kelly Richardson, Monika Sloan, Paul Crawford, Greg Sloan, Danton Mew, Tim Lajick, Keith Campbell, Ron Nelson, Jeremy Fry, Lauchlin O'Sullivan, Tim Meredith, Andrew Mew, Dan Bell, and Tim Ohara.

Plus, a special thanks to our guest stunt people and drivers including Bret Smrz, Kofi Elam, Courtney Schwartz, Marc Sziazk, Jeff Mosley, Dave Smith, Jim Henry, Linda Jewel, Brady Romberg, Mike Hilow, Keith Woulard, Jeff Clark, Kevin Clark, Mandy Kowlaski, Chris LaCentra, Liisa Cohen, Jessica Harbeck, Will Leong, Darryl Chan, Dee Bryant, Joe Martinez, Tom McComas, Eliza Coleman, Joe Sobolo, Tony Briachohpia, Jim Henry, Moses Smith, Anthony Martins, Chris Forsberg, Chad McQueen, Vinny Obrien, and Dan Wynands.

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