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About RCP Films

RCP Films is set up to either produce your entire production or co-produce in conjunction with your company.

Based in Northern California with an extensive knowledge of local crews and locations, much of our work is also on location so we have contacts throughout the country as well as abroad. We have worked projects in Europe, the Middle East, Canada and Mexico.

Because of our experience in working on hundreds of films, commercials, television shows, multimedia and corporate events, we can get you the best crew to fit your project. From concept to post, RCP has been involved in developing, writing, directing and co-producing feature films, TV projects, commercials, and corporate and nonprofit events.

Depending on the type of production, either one of our commercial, feature or corporate line producers would be assigned to specifically work on your project.

RCP Connections, Affiliates and Giving Back

Besides our affiliate film, TV and commercial experience, the RCP Company is also a SAG-AFTRA Signatory for Corporate, Educational and Industrial projects as well as local commercials. What this means is that our company has the ability to directly produce projects using the best SAG-AFTRA talent for your filmed corporate events as well as local commercials, non-profit programs and PSAs, saving clients time, paperwork and huge payroll costs.

Over the years, our clients have included everything from major automotive companies and the largest tech companies to education, health, and non-profit associations, just to name a few.

Another big part of our company is giving back. We started RCP Charities in 1992 with our Stuntman's Scramble Charity Golf Tournament. Since then, our entirely volunteer-run RCP Charities has expanded into many other programs to help the community. Check out the RCP Charities website for more information.

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Feel free to call for a consultation and a bid for your project with RCP Films, or email us directly at rcpfilms1@gmail.com.


Rocky setting a shot for the actors

Rocky setting a shot for the actors

Prepping an action shot

Prepping an action shot

About Rocky

As a director, besides the award-winning feature The Guitar Man, fully releasing in 2020, Rocky Capella has been the action and 2nd unit director on dozens of feature films and television projects. Rocky uses his years of experience to produce creative commercial and multimedia projects, specializing in the automotive industry and fun comedy projects.

See Rocky's directing website for further information and sample reels at www.theactiondirector.com.

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You can also view more information about Rocky Capella on his personal website at www.rockycapella.com.